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Friendly Bears are taking extra measure amid the uncertainties about COVID-19(coronavirus).
After yesterdays announcement of the government regarding protection of the elderly and vulnerable people, we have decided to take the following measures:
1. Check staff every day if they show any symptoms of the virus. If they do , they will not be allowed to work and should self-isolate.
2. Wear protective disposable gloves and discard them appropriately. Wash hands when they arrive at the property, wash hands after disposing gloves as well.
3. Use only antibacterial products for cleaning.
4. You can isolate yourself in a room which will not be cleaned. This way you are not going to come into contact with the girls. They can open windows so the air ventilates before you return to the cleaned rooms.
Otherwise, you may decide to go out until the girls are cleaning. You can phone me on the day if you need exact timing of their arrival.
5. One of our team members is a nurse. She has explained in detail all the measures necessary to keep strict hygiene. Everyone is aware of the severity and danger of the virus. All the girls have agreed to follow those rules and notify the office of any change in circumstances.